World premier for a new Swedish developed digital and smart currency - the eDaler

During the last years two Swedish tecnhical genius have worked in the ”shadow”, Thomas Schmitt and Peter Waher with a completely new currency, the eDaler. They will present this at a seminar and global webinar with Goto10, the Swedish Internet Foundations meeting space December 12. But not only that but a complete solution which works both in the smart society (Smart City) and for current structures. A paradigm shift that can be a reality already 2019.

- In September 2018, the new standard for IoT Harmonization was launched by IEEE (The world´s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology), says Peter Waher at Trust Anchor Group. This standard is the one that will be used for smart and connected societies. What the whole world been talking about and waiting for is how this standard will work with transactions, currencies and payment solutions.

The two developers Thomas Schmitt and Peter Waher at Trust Anchor Group, have solved this, and developed a solution. They are also behind the Swedish company MobilGirot. The company offers smart solutions for companies and organisations and have already got mayor agreement with several big companies. Some of them are international so the company expands with them. MobilGirot is also the solution to a transaction bridge who works between IoT and current payment structures.

December 12 they will present this in a seminar and a global webinar together with GoTo10, The Swedish Internet Foundation.

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Pressrelease about eDaler (ENG)

Pressrelease om eDaler (SWE)

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Thomas Schmitt

Co-Founder | COO

Thomas Schmitt is the Co-Founder and the COO of Trust Anchor Group and Swedish based MobilGirot.